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"Thank you for expert assistance to facilitate a smooth and successful closing for the {Sellers}. The expertise, dedication, and attention to detail of you and your staff is much appreciated. We look forward to working with you again in the future." 

(Seller's counsel)


"Thank you for all your help. I highly value professionalism and expertise. I appreciate your exemplary demonstration of both."

(J.H., Buyer)


"I am forwarding the information received from the closing attorney Steve Levinson.  He has closed many deals for me before and is the most thorough and proficient attorney I have ever used."  

(D.J., Broker)


"I just closed on my business sale and Steve Levinson made the whole process as easy and fault free as possible. Don't know how he does it but he kept multiple parties all in sync during the process. He gets the highest 5 star recommendation from me." 

​  (F.G. Seller)


"Thanks again for helping to facilitate a smooth closing.  I am glad things were worked out between firms and that you were kind in offering {Seller} support during the closing as it was a tough day for her.  Your professionalism and experience are spot on and I look forward to continuing our relationship as the business encounters needs for additional legal support." 

  (K.B., Buyer)


"Have known and been a client of Steve's for 21 years. Excellent attorney."

  (K.H., Ongoing Client)


"I owe a HUUUUGE thank you to Steve Levinson for not only closing my deals, but offering a ton of advice along the way. I've wondered where my business would be at if we haven't crossed paths."

  (A. A., Broker and now a client too)​​​


“You handled the closing for the sale of my  ------   store and I will gladly recommend your services.  I have worked with several attorneys over the years and I was very impressed with your work ethic and organized practice.”

  (M. W., Business Seller)

“As you all know, I've been doing this for about 30 years and I've worked with all size and shapes of law firms, from the largest, most prestigious NY, Chicago and LA firms, to small specialty boutique firms.  I can honestly say that I have never had the pleasure of working with someone as competent, professional, efficient, timely, personable, and just all around great guy as Steve Levinson.  Without his heroic efforts on this transaction, we would not be heading to Asheville for a signing tomorrow morning. Steve, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  What a great job.”

  (G. K., Member of Buyer Group)

“You deserved every compliment Gary and Tom gave you.”

  (L.S., Broker)

“Steve provided excellent legal services.  Grateful for all that he has done for our company.”

  (A.T., Business Client)

“Steve was able to provide our company with efficient practical solutions and was sensitive to our budget concerns.”  

  (A.Q., CEO)

“ Stephen, It was a pleasure meeting you.  Thank you for a painless conclusion to our transaction.” 

  (D.S., Buyer)

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